Chicago Apartment Finders (CAF) offers an opportunity to grow, learn and succeed – all in an atmosphere that is friendly, supportive and fun!

CAF Culture: Passionate, professional, friendly, supportive

Employee Message

Agents affiliated with CAF can appreciate the friendly, supportive and high-energy atmosphere. CAF sponsors events throughout the year, including an annual holiday dinner cruise, annual summer kick-off party, volunteering at the Pride Parade and much more!

LEASING & SALES: A great place to start your career!

CAF fosters a learning environment for all agents. Perfect if you are brand new to real estate or starting your career or if you just want guidance while you build your practice in leasing and sales. CAF’s Professional Development program was designed to help agents succeed in their real estate and life goals.

Professional Development

  • 5-day new agent education program
  • 2-month optional mentor program
  • Discounted rate for Broker’s Pre-Licensing Course
  • Hosts continuing education course on site for Brokers
  • Scholarships available for new agents
  • On site sales coach available

College students: There is an internship during the summer to explore the world of real estate and sales called the Entrepreneurial Internship Program (EIP).

Employee Message

Being an agent is hard work, but it can be very rewarding. For agents, the company sponsors:

  • Agent of the Month for top revenue and CAF Culture
  • Agent of the Year award for top revenue

CORPORATE OFFICE: Not your average cubicle!

The corporate office is the support system to the leasing side but also includes CAF Management and CAF Construction. From marketing to IT support and from property management to the closing department, we have several positions to help the company run smoothly.

Some perks of working in CAF Corporate

  • Benefits, vacation days and 401k options
  • Employee of the month and potluck lunch
  • Monthly “high five” drawings to recognize employees who go above and beyond for their customers
  • Local business discounts in the surround area

Available now!

Get on board with CAF! Follow us on Twitter@CAFCareers or link up with us on Linked In! For questions about working at CAF, contact Sarah Frame at careers@cafinders.com or (773) 572-2756.

Agent wins trip to Las Vegas for surpassing his goals!
Chicago Apartment Finders proudly participates in Pride Parade each year!
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